Here are a few tips :
1. Download the latest version of Flash player
It should be at least version 10.3.
2. Make sure to use the latest version of your web browser. The Miracle Slots and Casino application works with all popular brousers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla FireFox).
3. Your internet connection should provide at least 256 kbps ISDN/DSL or 3G or fiber optic.
4. Your total bet should not exceed your balance.

Games are launched in 2 steps: first they get downloaded after which they get unpacked. One game requires about 50-100mb. Installed games can be deleted in order to create additional space.

After a new game gets released, the order of earlier releases gets shifted which might result in a game becoming unavailable to your level.
The same goes for featured games, in case another game takes over the featured status.
A game which lost its featured status can be found at the end of the gamelist in the lobby.
The required level is visible when hovering the cursor over the game icon.
Games can always get unlocked by simply purchasing access to it.
Just click the Unlock button on the game icon.

Free gifts can only get collected from out of the lobby (not while in a game).
The amount of gifts from your friends is visible at the top right corner of the GIFTS button.
After clicking the GIFTS button a pop up will appear presenting you the list of gifts.
They can be collected by clicking accept.

Click on the GIFTS button in the top menu.

You can send your friends a gift every 4 hours.

The bonus game runs automatically in these slots. No action required.

You can win more when raising the stakes.
You can collect free coins by clicking on the "Free coins" button in the lobby (free coins are added every 3 hours).
You will get a mega bonus every 6th time.

Players who reach higher levels have more games available in the lobby and collect higher daily bonuses.

Every spin gets you closer to the next level. You can level up faster if you place higher bets, The remaining amount of credits you need to bet in order to reach the next level become visible when hovering over the XP scale in the right top corner.

Friends can send you free coins or spins every 4 hours and these are visible in the lobby.
Friends can also share free coins coupons.
Of course you can send friends free gifts as well!

When using mail client this might happen. Just visit your web mail account and click the link.

Your Miracle Slots accounts at Facebook and Google Play or iTunes are separate accounts and not synchronised.
E.i. you have different balances and experience levels for your facebook account and your Miracle Slots account at your mobile device.
You can synchronise with your Facebook account only once after creating your mobile account.

Miracle Slots & Casino application is designed for entertainment only, not gambling.

Your in-app purchases for the Miracle Slots & Casino Facebook application are processed by Facebook. Please submit your claim to the Facebook Payments Support Center

In case you made a successful purchase but were not credited with the right amount of coins or were not charged according to the price mentioned at the BUY button, please inform us about this via email!